Guglhupf – A Hipster’s Dream Breakfast Spot

Cream Puff

Guglhupf Cafe
Durham, NC
Vegetarian friendly
Outdoor seating
Seat Yourself

Right outside of Chapel Hill in Durham is a local gem hiding behind a book store. The gem is Guglhupf Cafe is an offshoot of the Guglhupf Bakery and Patisserie. While I have yet to try them for dinner, for breakfast and brunch they are perfect.

My friend and I ran across Guglhupf when searching for a breakfast spot in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill). I was immediately sold once I saw they had a barista and a window full of freshly baked pastries from tarts to croissants. It is a requirement of my breakfast to include a soy latte and sweet pastry.

The entire restaurant is designed with such a rugged, however fresh decor. While my reference may not be entirely correct, the restaurant reminds me of a architecturally forward German home especially with the wood beamed ceilings. I like the outdoor seating because it is enclosed in a “courtyard” with aluminum chairs and metal sculptures. With the water detail and plants the courtyard seating really places you in a different state of mind. It really feels like a busy European cafe. Inside there are tall windows and a beautiful staircase for the second floor seating. The seating is cozy with the wooden chairs and yellow lantern lighting. Due to the tight seating I prefer sitting outside (weather permitting).

You seat yourself after you order at the register which makes if feel more like a coffee shop than anything else. Food i served kind of slow but I just perceived it keeping in character with a relaxed European cafe. However you get your coffee, drink, and/or pastry immediately before you sit so you’ll have something to keep your attention while you wait. The food runner are helpful and King but it is evident you’ll be handling everything else by yourself which is fine with me. Sometimes I prefer to not be bothered when enjoying local cuisine.

Shitake Mushroom Omelet with Fruit Cup

If you want a homey (while reasonably healthy) breakfast/brunch Guglhupf is the place to go. The Eggs Arnold was so rich with thick brioche bread and vegetables. My poached egg flooded the bread and it was a soggy, delicious mess. My meal came with a fruit cup to even out all the bread and dairy I had. Usually for breakfast I order an omelet with spinach and mushrooms. I actually really appreciate the heavy handed servings of vegetables when paired with egg. You can tell the veggies are fresh which makes the food even richer. My spotlight item would be the Cream Puff. It is so completely soft like a pillow with the sweetest cream filling ever. You will be in heaven with a Cream Puff, cup of coffee and a book with a seat near a window. The pastries are so fresh and soft thanks to the next door bakery. It would be a crime to go to Guglhupf and not pick up one if their baked goods, I’m serious.

So yeah…I really like Guglhupf, haha.

Soy Latte


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