Yummy Research: Filipino Halo-Halo


A few weeks ago I went to Buku in Raleigh, NC and ordered the Filipino Halo-Halo. I wrote about how delicious it was in my restaurant review for Buku but still did not feel I knew enough about it. While my server was helpful, she did not seem to know much about the dessert beyond its ingredients. I really wished I knew exactly what I had been eating in order to further appreciate it but next time I’m at Buku I’ll order it again. 🙂

The brilliantly purple ice cream for the dessert was the inspiration for my research. The ice cream in the Halo-Halo dessert gets its color from a sweet jam made from a purple yam called ‘ube‘ . The yam is violet inside and sweet. Apparently it is used in baked goods all the time across the world, but for now we are speaking about the Phillipines. I never knew anything like this existed and now I want to cook with these fragrant purple yams!

In Tagalong ‘halò‘ means mix, and the Filipino dessert is supposed to be mixed before eating (Bacol-Uba) (something I wish I had known when I ordered it). It is a popular dessert eaten everywhere in the country. Halo-Halo usually consists of shaved ice, evaporated milk (or coconut milk), boiled sweet beans, plantains, coconut, pounded dry rice, flan, sweet potato, and fruit (mango, kiwi). The combination of those ingredients make for a smooth, creamy, tropical trip. This was the first dessert I’ve ever had where mushy was okay! I’ve always disliked anything with the consistency of pudding and flan but Halo-Halo changed that. Just doing a little research on my good eat put it into an even better perspective for me.

This dessert was such a happy eat for me and I look forward to eating it again.

I am not into formalities, but here are the sources from which I gained information.
Halo-Halo Wiki
“Halo-Halo, The Ultimate Filipino Dessert, Gains in Popularity” – Marian Bacol-Uba


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