Product Alert: Talenti Gelato

Gelato is Italian for ice cream.

So I usually don’t buy gelato because it is so expensive, but I caved last night and bought the Sea Salt Caramel Talenti Gelato. I paid a little over $5 for this icy treat from Harris Teeter. I’ve been looking at this brand for a few months not but could pick a flavor. The flavors range from an Alphonso Mango to Toasted Almond so of course I spent a long time trying to decide which would be best to try first. I finally opted for the Sea Salt Caramel since I’ve been on sweet and salty phase lately. The ingredients for said gelato were caramel, milk, sugar, cream, eggs, coconut oil, dutched cocoa, dextrose, soybean oil, sea salt, vanilla, carob gum, soy lecithin, natural flavors, and chocolate covered caramel truffles. You can taste the quality of this gelato in every spoonful. It was so silky and rich that I ate a fourth of it and had to finish the rest this evening. Gelato has less air bubbles than traditional ice cream making it smoother and I believe for a packaged gelato (I am accustomed to handmade gelato) Talenti did very well. While overwhelmingly delicious I would not suggest to eat it all in one sitting. One serving (out of four) is half a cup and 240 calories…so take it slow.



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