Healthier Replacements 

Sometimes the transition to healthier options for food can be very difficult. A lot of people are wary of trying healthier options when it comes to food because they believe the flavor of the food would suffer.  The flavor of your food will not suffer as long as you know what to replace and how much to replace it with.  It take a bit of trial and error.  Sometimes a healthier option could literally be as simple as the way you cook your food. All in all these replacements help with the strain on your body when processing food. When I first started my transition to better quality foods, I had to do a lot of research. I hope my list will help guide people into choosing healthier and/or vegetarian/vegan options for their selves.  Also be aware some replacements may not be in your best interest due to deficiencies or preference.  I don’t like using rice milk in my coffee because it is so thin.  I also know men who don’t like using soy products because of the effects it has on the male body (breast development or erectile dysfunction).  While I personally avoid soy because it is a huge GMO crop.  So tailor these replacements to your preference. Also there are obviously more substitutions but these are the ones I am familiar with and have used.

Milk – Soy, Coconut, Rice, and Almond Milk

Table Salt – Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Salt, Lemon Juice, Actual Seasoning

White Processed Sugar – Agave Nectar, Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Honey

Canola Oil – Olive Oil (it doesn’t do well with cooking on hot temperatures), Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil

Beef Burgers – Lentil Burgers, Black Bean Burgers, Soy Burgers (Morning Glory and Boca), Turkey Burgers, Shrimp Burgers, Portobello Mushrooms

Meat Substitutions – Lentils, Beans, Soy/Tofu, Tempeh, Mushrooms, Seitan

Noodle Substitution – Shredded Zucchini, Spaghetti Squash, Gnocchi (which you can make)

Over Processed Partially Fake Chocolate Syrup – 100% Cocoa Powder



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