Try This: Baked Oysters

If you ever find yourself in Pensacola, FL go to Flounders, a local spot, and order yourself a Diesel Fuel (alcohol heavy drink in a mason jar) and their Baked Oysters.

The oysters are extremely heavy on the stomach, I’m not going to lie, and I would suggest dropping by there after you finish your day at the beach (conveniently located behind the restaurant or across the street).  Depending on when you go there be prepared for a wait, and if you arent against sand on (or in) your pants, opt for the outdoor seating, especially if you are in a bathing suit.  

For the year I lived in Pensacola, Flounders was a favorite treat spot I would always hit up after a day at the beach before I went on to enjoy the nightlife.  I always got the same thing, their fresh, cheese baked oysters with lemon wedge and butter AND a Diesel Fuel.  They have various flavors of the Diesel Fuel, unfortunately I was unable to try them all, haha.



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