Try This: Watermelon Soju

If you ever happen to be in Honolulu, go to a local Korean spot called Cafe Duck Butt.  Yes, the name is very…interesting haha.  Cafe Duck Butt is a Korean bar that serves food and have private rooms where you can do karaoke. 

Anyways, the staple-must try drink on the menu is something called Watermelon Soju.  Soju is apparently a Korean alcohol.  I have never had it before but the server suggested trying it in the watermelon.  They literally bring half of a watermelon which is hollowed out and its insides (seedless of course) mixed with the Soju.  A ladle with accompany the drink and cups. The catch is that it tastes absolutely nothing like alcohol.  There is no stale aftertaste or sharp bite.  The drink is so smooth and sweet, literally like watermelon juice.  

Now by the time we finished the Watermelon Soju we had not noticed that it had affected our sobriety until we stood up.  With that said after about one or two of these shared you might be done drinking for the night which is considerably cheaper than a $10 mix drink every half hour.  Drink responsibly!


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