Try This: Shokudo Japanese

So this Try This is literally devoted to an entire restaurant, and not necessarily a restaurant review,  but because eating here is rather fun.  They have a pretty nice menu with Japanese cuisine and every time I have went here I have tried something new and truly enjoyed it. 

The restaurant is in Honolulu within a block of Ala Maona Mall (the largest outdoor mall in the world, 7th largest in the US, biggest in Hawaii).  It has outdoor seating but I have never been able to sit outside.  There is a full bar which does sell sake an Japanese beer.

The first time I went there I got Kirin, a Japanese beer, a salmon based bento box, and miso soup.  This was served as a lunch special and my gosh it was delicious and filling.  I was satisfied with every bite and it was well priced.  For dessert we got something called Honey Toast which was essentially THICK toasted bread hollowed out and the insides cubed and drizzled with honey.  They have different flavors but we chose honey, caramel, and vanilla ice cream.  Who would have known that toasted bread, honey, and caramel would be so rich?!


Also another thing to try is their Matcha Green Tea Smoothie.  Very creamy and sweetened just enough to not be overbearing.  Recently when I went I had the smoothie, a few sushi rolls, their seared ahi tuna and Shrimp Tempura Udon bowl.

The reason why the restaurant is a must try and personal favorite is the different types of foods you can choose from.  The menu is nowhere as long as Cheesecake Factory’s, only a single page front and back, but each plate is made with care and priced pretty well considering the fact that I am in Hawaii and have paid more for less.


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