My First Pho

So a few days ago my friend invited me to try something called pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup.  I had seen Pho spots before on the mainland but had never reached out to any especially since I was vegetarian.  He told me there were seafood based pho and I was immediately sold.

We went to a place called Pho King in Wahiawa, Hawaii.  It was like a hole in the wall Vietnamese spot, not nearly as flashy as the other spots I’ve seen. It is very much a local spot as far as I can tell. 

I ordered a seafood pho with shrimp, squid, and fish balls.  Before the pho even came to the table they bought a plate of fresh veggies to place into your soup.  The plate consisted of basil leaves, mint, bean sprouts, lemon wedges, and jalapeno slices.  Then the pho came out. I placed all of the veggies in with the pho and tried it.

Simply freaking delicious.  The basil, mint, and broth were so fresh.  Each bite was refreshing, completely different than the grounding, heavy feeling I have after eating ramen (which is always good too).  The soup was minty and herbal yet hearty.  It was so good that I went to another pho spot near my house the following evening to have pho again for dinner. 


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